What time does the festival open?

At what time can I pick up my wristband?


I would like to pay for my ticket in 2 instalments.

I want to exchange my ticket.

I have a ticket with payment in instalments and I want to exchange my ticket.

I have not received a confirmation email.

I want to upgrade a ticket I bought in the shop.e upgrader un billet acheté en magasin.

I want to personalise my ticket.


How cashless works?

How do I charge my bracelet during the festival ?

How can I find out the remaining balance on my bracelet ?

How do I get my money back after the festival ?

Until when can I get my money back ?

What should I do if I lose my bracelet?

What do I do if I have a problem or question?


What are the hours of the campsite?

What can I access with a CAMPING ticket?

What is the minimum age to enter the campsite?

How do I get my CAMPING wristband back?

When can I pick up my CAMPING bracelet?

How do I access the campsite if I am a volunteer?

What items are not allowed on the site?

Where can I leave a forbidden object in order to get it back after the festival?

Which tent am I allowed on the campsite?

Where can I place my tent on the campsite?


From what age can I volunteer?

When can I volunteer?

Can I choose my job and hours?

How long do I have to work to get my festival pass?

What will I receive for my participation?

Can I sign up with friends to have the same job and the same hours?

Where can I find practical information about being a volunteer?

Will I receive training on the tasks related to my job?

Who can I contact in case of a problem or emergency?