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august 2024



We invite you to spend a pleasant moment in the Ronquières Festival VIP area. You'll be able to welcome your partners and friends in a cosy, spacious area whose terrace overlooks the starboard stage, which is the Festival's main stage (a small VIP annex with a small terrace will also be open in the evening to the left of the hill stage).

A ticket for the whole day of your choice * ;
A breathtaking view of the main stage from the terrace and direct access to the plain;
Permanent access to the cosy covered area of our VIP lounge;
A complimentary first drink at the bar;
Free access to the buffet served between 6.30pm and 9.30pm, offering a wide choice of dishes and salads;
Permanent access to the VIP bar (for a fee), offering wines, beers, softs, cocktails, champagne and the exclusive Ruffus (traditional method);
One VIP parking space (for every 2 spaces purchased) near the entrance in a guarded parking lot;


* The chip of the VIP bracelet contains 4 pre-coded elements: 1 welcome drink and 3 unique passages to each of the 3 buffets.  Simply present your bracelet at the bar for the welcome glass and present your bracelet at each of the buffets for the walking dinner.  For the rest (refill, refund), the bracelet is used as festival bracelets.

OPTIONAL: on request and for a small extra charge, a private area can be set aside for you in a space reserved for your company. This extra package includes a glass of champagne served in your area and possible personalization on the table. Your area will remain reserved throughout the day/evening.


Would you like to buy your VIP tickets?  Go to our ticketing service or fill in the order form below (please note that the order form is for companies only, and will only be validated once availability has been confirmed). Ordering via Paylogic allows you to obtain an invoice and ensures immediate availability of tickets).