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august 2024




They came into the public eye and ears in 2019 with L'Adresse, an unexpected album for these three young artists spotted on the internet with their series of clipped covers "On vient gâcher tes classiques". A platinum-selling album and sold-out concerts, 47Ter (a name in reference to the address of their local village hall) established their original style from the outset, neither quite rap nor completely chanson, a unique mix of words and melodies with an irresistible pop flavour. The logical follow-up, their second album Légende, was parasitized by the pandemic. It was time to bounce back. "I'd said 'Two years for the milli', but I didn't have COVID in mind": in the Intro to the new album, in the form of a recap of previous episodes, Pierre-Paul, Blaise and Lopes, the three accomplices from Bailly (Yvelines, 78), set the scene for a return not in force but in gentleness,

with the elegance of a trio that evolves and refines its formula, that of a group that questions itself. "Rendez-vous next year", announced the latest clip from 2022. Au Bon Endroit keeps its promise, and we're biting our lips to avoid using the cliché "album of maturity", so apt is this definition. Indeed, here's a record that manages the feat of meeting the expectations of 47Ter fans while broadening its scope.


"I love French songs with piano voices and huge choruses. My ambition is to make French chanson with all the musical codes of today, to make that mix". So, what about this new album? Pop? Rap? Chanson? We've always been pigeonholed, first in rap, then in pop mode, I don't know what... We never think about which box we want to fit into," asserts Pierre-Paul.

"In fact, "CVC" is four minutes of rap without a chorus, and "On verra bien" is a guitar-vocals-variety song, because we love both," adds Blaise. "We spent months working on the album, and we didn't see anyone for weeks on end, so we lost a lot of time with our loved ones. We're always preparing for the future, and we forget a little about the present," recalls Pierre-Paul.

During the long months spent in the studio to finalize this album of which they are so justly proud, the three 47Ters crossed paths with several new collaborators. "Où tu voudras", featuring Tayc, is a stroll through Afro territory, a risk-taking song that sounds like a real hit. Lopes: "It was the perfect conditions for a collaboration with another artist. The afrolov' sound was new to us, but it worked so well that Tayc validated it.

Mosimann, who produced "Feeling", adds a dancefloor touch with his heady piano over a funky rhythm. And because it's all about indulging, the 47Ters fulfilled their childhood dream of inviting their favorite rapper from '78, La Fouine.

Pierre-Paul: "We're from 78 and it was our ultimate dream. One day we were making a sound and we said to ourselves 'It would be crazy to have La Fouine on it'. We chatted on Instagram, sent him a message and when he heard the production of "Si j'avais" he said "Too heavy, I'm hot". We went into the studio at his place in Las Vegas and shot the video, which was great. There was something very melodic about the song," adds Lopes, "which really fitted in with what we loved about La Fouine.

"Autour de moi", a reflection on musical credibility and the impostor syndrome on an epic instrumental, doesn't hesitate to evoke the doubts and flaws that make great songs. And for those who are still hungry for flow, "CVC" is there, with its long-winded text, linguistic acceleration and stock themes, an in-depth reflection,

It's the hip-hop cherry on top of a rich album by a tight-knit group who've found their third way and can't wait to defend it on stage. "We'll see how it ends," sings Pierre-Paul on "Feeling". For 47Ter in any case, things are starting up again. Strong.