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august 2024




PLK for "POLAK" (in reference to his Polish origins) is a rapper in his early twenties. Born to a Polish father and Corsican mother, he grew up in the Cité de l'Heure in Paris's 14th arrondissement.

At just 12, he posted his first freestyles online, and 2 years later, he made his first appearance on Skyrock's Planète Rap program. At 17, he was already performing at Le Bataclan with his group Paname Bende.

At the same time, PLK threw away his schoolbag and started working as a Mercedes garage mechanic at an early age to finance his projects.

In 2017, he went solo and quickly established himself as one of the key rappers on the French scene. From gold to diamonds, PLK certifies all his projects and accumulates over 400,000 sales with his latest album "ENNA" (2020).

He has sold over 1 million albums and 2.5 billion streams, and has been a regular fixture on the top singles and radio charts for the past 5 years.

At the beginning of 2023, the rapper returns with "2069", his new conceptual project, created live with his community. As soon as it was released, the tracks invaded the Top 10 singles chart, with "Demain" reaching No. 1, confirming his superstar status. A status he'll be defending on stage across France in early 2024!