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august 2024




Born between August and November 1993, Lucie, Elisa and Juliette grew up on the same street in Saint-Denis. Elisa and Lucie were pupils at the Maîtrise de Radio France, Juliette continued at the Conservatoire de Saint Denis before forming L.E.J in 2013, as part of a covers competition linked to the group Tryo and the Nuits de Champagne festival. They won, performed live and discovered they were stage animals. They went on to play the capital's most emblematic venues, from the Olympia to the Cigale, as well as festivals with very large audiences. What's next: a wild success crowned by a Victoire de la Musique award in 2017 (Stage Revelation), their covers of summer hits, and a first album. In the meantime, a second album of original compositions, Poupées russes, followed by the latest, Pas Peur, in June 2020.

On sax and vocals, Lucie. On drums and vocals, Elisa. On cello, guitar, bass and backing vocals, Juliette. These multi-instrumentalists hold the score with six hands. Today, they return with Volume II. The trio formed by L.E.J has lived through the infernal rhythm of touring, followed by more contemplative moments when the three girls took the opportunity to settle down and get back to work on an album of covers of French songs: Volume II. The same songs that their parents had made them listen to, that they had sung since their earliest childhood, they have finally immortalized with brilliant arrangements, faithful to themselves by keeping this base of classical voices with angelic harmonies, but also an omnipresent cello, and sometimes even a few surprises in current sounds that refer to their lifelong influences: afrobeat, reggaeton, bossa nova, electro...