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august 2024




Imagine the perfect Konfluence between two souls passionate about electronic music: Bardy from Namur (BE) and Chris Hingher from Liège (BE). Their love for electronic sounds guided them from an early age, bringing them together at events and festivals sharing a similar musical style. This natural confluence led them to join the enchanting organization: Musique Gastronomique! It was then that the duo "Konfluence" was born! In 2023, their creative fusion resulted in their first E.P. titled "Karusha," unveiled by the prestigious Belgian label "Deep in your soul." 

In 2024, their flagship title, "Afwekadi," a true reflection of their musical universe, gracefully blends the enchanting vibrations of afro house with rich, captivating melodies and voices that invite on a journey. This track, driven by the emotion and energy of their collaboration, achieves rapid success on platforms, supported by legends of the industry such as "Black Coffee," "Kasango," and "Enzo Siffredi." In this symphony of passion and creativity, Bardy and Chris Hingher reinvent the boundaries of electronic music, captivating hearts and minds with every note and beat.