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august 2024




When mapping out the vibrant landscape of electronic music in Belgium, one name that shines brightly in the Limburg area is Goldfox. Being one of the most recognizable players of the scene, the ginger managed to solidify his name all over the country and beyond, leaving a charismatic and overall professional impression wherever he sets up camp. Goldfox regularly rocks stages at Fuse or Kompass and festivals like Pukkelpop or Tomorrowland.

The journey of the fox began at the young age of 14, accumulating over 25 years of experience behind the decks. Being a true music enthusiast, he embraces a wide range of genres, seamlessly blending everything from house and techno to rave, with a particular fondness for 808 electro and breaks. However, his creative spirit often leads him to introduce surprising twists and theme-based special sets, allowing his artistic expression to shine through. Goldfox's genuine passion for music is evident in his diverse and captivating performances. 

In addition to his DJ career, Goldfox is a multifaceted personality, serving as a radio host and a key figure when it comes to setting up parties and festivals. He gained fame as the resident night owl on Studio Brussel, captivating listeners with his own show. Over the years, he has established himself as a top-tier promoter through his remarkable contributions to the rave revival with Rave Our Souls, his role as the founder of the legendary club Forty Five, his involvement with the youth center De Serre, his work at Utopia Leuven, and his curation of the widely acclaimed "Goldfox Invites" stages throughout the country. Goldfox's diverse musical taste is showcased in his other DJ projects, including Flashback Force with his old-school friends Kim Mathijs and Wiebe Loccufier, as well as the rock & roll persona known as Sanseveria Sound System.

Booking the Fox ain't only about the beats, you're in for a huge deal of nightlife expertise.