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august 2024

Adèle Castillon


Adèle Castillon

At the age of 20, despite the insolent youthfulness of her brown eyes, Adèle Castillon has already lived several lives, both fictional and real. Enough to effortlessly nurture the intimate lyrics of her debut album, which tells the unvarnished story of a first break-up in love, the torments of emotional dependence and addiction in general. All with the authenticity and poetic freshness that already made the songs on Vidéoclub irresistible, the nostalgic 80's electro-pop duo - a la Odezenne meets Elli et Jacno - that she formed with Matthieu Reynaud in Nantes at the age of seventeen. [...]

While still in high school, a first love, as dazzling as all firsts, inspired her to set up Vidéoclub with her then lover. The clip for "Amour plastique", cobbled together with the means at hand and shared by a Mexican actor from a Netflix series that made it viral, attracted them tens of millions of streams. A legend was born, culminating in a tour and a final clip, "SMS", maliciously summing up three years of love and announcing their break-up.  

Someone other than Adèle Castillon could have got lost in it. But it's she who's writing the rest, alone, a quiet force despite her assumed fragilities, and a bumpy road that takes shape behind the perfectly aligned title of this promising debut album. Signed to the music label of Iconoclast, the ultra-creative image production company, she has found in Surkin, a sharp electro talent as precocious as herself, the ideal partner for the two of them to chart a new musical horizon, combining the innocence of French pop with a homemade, down-to-earth spirit, with impeccable references as varied as Adèle Castillon's Generation Z playlist to Taxi Girl, Suicide, Billie Eilish, Madonna, Beach House, Tame Impala, Chromatics, Miley Cyrus, Daft Punk Lio, Damso, Muddy Monk, Mylène Farmer and Agar Agar. A vibrant debut from a young artist who we're betting will be a force to be reckoned with in the months to come.