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august 2024




COLT is the new Belgian musical phenomenon. The Brussels-based duo have made a name for themselves with their creativity and energy, becoming one of the most promising bands on the French pop scene.

Formerly known as Coline & Toitoine, their story is rooted in friendship. A harmonious fusion in which Coline's voice and raw emotion blend with Toitoine's singular, bewitching, almost lunar universe.

At just 23 years of age, COLT have been playing a series of concerts and festivals, from Brussels to Paris and as far afield as New York. Following the success of their single "Insomnies", which has already racked up millions of listens, and a first Parisian date sold out in just a few days, COLT are set to unveil "Mille Vies", a second EP in September 2023.

A much-anticipated first French-language project this year, it will undoubtedly mark a turning point for the phenomenon duo, who promise to resonate ever further afield.