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august 2024




When we discover Kid, his first EP in 2017, the slap is unique. Spouting his lyrics alone on stage with a simple iPhone to accompany him, Eddy de Pretto questions what differences, shackles and virility are, asserting himself on the bangs but already espousing a noise that rumbles and agitates society.

His debut album, Cure (2018), takes part in his generation's evolutions, awareness and stances. The success is dazzling: triple platinum with over 300,000 copies sold and four Victoires de la musique nominations. Two years of non-stop concerts were crowned by a Zenith tour and ten nights at the Elysée Montmartre.

His second album, À tous les bâtards (2021), was born of this inclusive movement from self to others. On it, he reveals himself in stories that, while belonging to him alone, resonate with each and every one of us. Quickly certified gold, this project confirms the artist's unifying and popular character. The same year, his work came to life with a series of six dates at Le Bataclan and a new tour of Zeniths across France.


In early 2023, Eddy de Pretto staged an original, dystopian twelve-piano live creation for Radio France's Hyper Weekend Festival: Love Factory (filmed and broadcast on France 2 on March 17).

He is currently working on his next album.