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august 2024




In a modern world, always in a hurry, where the future is fantasised and the past is regularly idealised, can a life still be lived in the present? This question, with its myriad solutions, permeates every nook and cranny of Swing's debut album. With "Au revoir Siméon", the Brussels rapper delivers a personal and uncompromising work. A highly addictive, introspective exercise, this recording offers a snapshot of the moment: an emotional panorama taken on the spot, as close to the feelings as possible.


After ten years as part of the L'Or du Commun collective, Swing has now established himself as a solo artist with this providential album. Confronted with the passage of time, the artist takes stock of how far he has come and looks ahead to new horizons. Recorded in the spring of 2022 with producer Crayon (Ichon, FKJ), "Au revoir Siméon" is an ode to resilience, a quest for initiation, but also a rite of passage. Backed by the talented Prince Waly ("Un seul ciel") and YG Pablo ("Reykjavik"), Swing puts his pen to bold musical use. From levitating R'n'B ("2:22") to house and minimal techno ("Mafia"), he sketches out alternatives and invents new ways of singing. The single "Maladresse" is a perfect example of this paradigm shift.


Standing on the ruins of a shattered romance, Swing rebuilds itself through a series of restorative songs. Like an echo of surrealism, "Magritte" takes a timely look back at that unreal period.


In fourteen tracks, full of passion and authenticity, Swing overcomes his disillusions with a new-found taste for the real, the true. Carpe diem. This is the message suggested at the heart of a singular interlude: fatherly advice delivered, without complacency, at the bend of a telephone conversation. In an age that teeters dangerously between a hoped-for future and a reconstructed past, intense nostalgia and utopian projections, Swing chooses to live in the present. His best life. It certainly is.