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august 2024




Voyou's new album, "Les Royaumes Minuscules", is listened to as if the music had arms and enveloped us in its skin, like a friend or an animal. Sensitive and warm, the 11 tracks on this album all have a body and a story.

A complete musician, Voyou continues and refines his trajectory by building these new three-minute kingdoms. Entirely composed, written and arranged by him, they were first recorded in various French studios, before traveling to Brazil, where Voyou went off on his own to record the rhythms.

These multiple journeys and encounters give the record a palpable warmth. In the manner of South American music, the new UK soul-jazz scene and the oriental music in which Voyou likes to immerse himself on a daily basis, "Les Royaumes Minuscules" overflows with soul.

Listening to the record, you get the sensation of being embarked on a story, obvious and pop, an odyssey of today, enveloping and delicate. It's a story set against a stable backdrop of percussion, bass and guitars, and featuring instruments so expressive - brass, violin, flute and piano - that each seems to have its own face.

As for the lyrics, they have the air of miniature films. Like three-minute contemporary short stories, where animals, plants and humans frequent and inspire each other, and where each sentence always seems to want to say more.

In the end, it gives an impression of terrible closeness. Of joy, and of modesty. "Les Royaumes Minuscules" is proof that in every gesture, every face and every presence, even the most seemingly microscopic, lies the entire universe - if only we lend it our ear, if only we listen and let its intimate music wash over us. And, with elegance and mischief, that's what Voyou manages to do. Change the world with music. Let it resonate for a long time.