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august 2023






A young electro-rock duo from Brussels, RoseDog was born in the summer of 2022 following an encounter during a film soundtrack project. Far from being kept on a tight leash, they are highly creative and already have a flourishing repertoire.
Emil comes from the theatre, he sings with his guitars and welcomes the audience with sensitivity and humour on stage. Victor comes from film music, a quiet force who leads the dance behind his synth, screen and violin. On stage, they become one, joining forces to give an intimate show, creating an explosive universe.
RoseDog is a mongrel band, a subtle mix of intensity and sensitivity, between rose perfumes and dog bites. An atypical duo that will come to pick you up and vibrate with them.
During their last concerts, they captivated a large audience. After barely a year of existence, the duo never ceases to surprise us.
They are preparing an EP to be released in spring 2023. Get ready for it!